Highlights from dataglobal – successful customer projects

It’s not important whether we are satisfied with the solution – what matters is that our customers are happy. Our goal is not simply to offer the easiest option available, but to work with our customers to develop and implement the right solution.

We are proud to have completed a huge number of projects in this way throughout our long history as a company.

We’d like to share our experience with you. We look forward to working with you to add your future project to our list of successes. Get in touch with us and we’ll get to work on your future digitalization strategy right away. We look forward to meeting you – and to meeting your challenges.

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Nachhaltige Digitalisierung mit der Content Services Plattform dataglobal CS

dataglobal CS and Zweifel Chips – digitization with unbeatable taste

The Swiss food manufacturer has been working with the dataglobal content services platform for more than 20 years. The platform helps continuously improve customer service. This is not only proven by the introduction of digital delivery notes.... read more →

dataglobal CS and F. X. MEILLER

Our customer F. X. MEILLER relies on dataglobal CS for the optimization and digitization of its business processes, via the digital file and beyond. With innovative solution approaches, dataglobal not only consolidates the existing infrastructure, but also makes MEILLER fit for the digital requirements of tomorrow with dataglobal CS.... read more →

Future-proof document management using dataglobal CS

The introduction of dataglobal CS and web-based workflow solutions that are tailor-made for the requirements of the individual departments enable NSI staff to complete processes faster than they have done to date, and without time-wasting queries.... read more →

Digitized processing of applications for the purpose of content maintenance in a medical product information system

The starting point for the project was a paper-bound process with different media interruptions in transaction processing for maintaining information for medicines. The maintenance applications are partially received digitally by email and partially as paper forms. The actual processing and allocation to the processor are done in paper form. ... read more →

Digitized personnel files at a human resources service provider

The goal was to design the offer and purchase process of resources more efficiently and competitively. In order to achieve this, the paper personnel file is transferred into an electronic personnel file. For this purpose, the relevant information must be brought together from the leading company systems such as SAP and the CRM system and the processing is provided. ... read more →

The automated processing of incoming invoices at Deutsche See

Deutsche See GmbH completes the invoice processing for over 23 subsidiaries and two production sites. 80,000 tonnes of live, fresh and frozen goods are realized annually. The task consisted of centrally recording 60,000 incoming invoices per year and 10,000 delivery notes per day with rule-compliant storage (GoBD) and integration into the SAP ERP system for secure and efficient invoice verification. ... read more →

An integrated archive at an internationally renowned Swiss bank

An archiving solution is sought that will implement the complex storage periods and standards of the bank in a legally secure manner. In addition, the solution should be easy to integrate into the existing processes. Processes concerning the customer service of the bank should be better and more secure, with the aim of further improving customer satisfaction and therefore competitiveness. ... read more →

Securely archiving process and production data for 50 years – a metal processing company puts its trust in dataglobal CS long-term archiving

A company-wide archiving solution was sought that would be able to meet both the commercial (SAP) and non-SAP machine data (non-SAP machine data) requirements of a metalworking company and automotive, aerospace component supplier. The archive had to be able to provide large volumes of data in the area of 2PB over 50 years. ... read more →

From file storage to a living repository – the central archiving platform at a medium-sized automotive supplier

In order to meet the requirements and standards of customers in the automotive industry, suppliers are obliged to provide comprehensive documentation of internal processes, data security and archiving. The aim was to cover these requirements in order to secure the necessary certifications and therefore continue to be able to stand as a reliable partner on the market. ... read more →

Archiving of documents from mass printing, including integration in specialist application, at Zurich Tax Office (Steueramt der Stadt Zürich)

The tax office of the Swiss municipality regularly generates tens of thousands of shipping certificates, which are sent to citizens either by post or electronically (tax invoices, reminders, etc.). The requirements of the supervisory authorities stipulate that all outgoing mail must be archived in an audit-secure manner in order to be able to provide proof of customer communication at a later date.... read more →

Filing market compliance documents in a legally secure manner at a German federal authority

A federal authority carries out data collection with market participants once per year. The authority publishes a report annually on the results of monitoring for the performance of regulatory tasks, in particular for creating market transparency. They work together with the Federal Cartel Office. These documents must be archived verifiably unchanged. ... read more →

Simple processing of cases by making documents available at a centralized access point at Böblingen District Administration (Landratsamt Böblingen)

The process of a communal authority with visitor times, to carry out various citizen issues, is traditionally driven by documentation. It is based on forms, applications, certificates and other documents in paper form. Processes should be optimized in these institutions in the scope of digitization. The aim is to process and store both the outgoing correspondence with citizens and the incoming documents from them in digital form. ... read more →

Creating a file management system as part of the digitization initiative of a private television broadcaster

A large volume of data accrues in media companies. These data have to be stored for a long time and must be permanently accessible. Historical and old datasets are significantly less common than current data. The task is now to relocate historical data in a transparent and automatic way from the online dataset to a more favorable long-term storage. ... read more →