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Legally compliant and audit-proof archiving of your emails

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Simple, mobile, and secure: With dataglobal, you can archive your emails automatically and ensure that they are audit-proof. We make sure that your emails and their attachments are archived completely in their original form. Conversion / rendition into independent formats ensures the long-term availability of all information – even when switching mail systems.

All requirements met: Email Archiving from dataglobal.

Ensuring compliance requirements

Ensuring compliance requirements

Use our rules-based and audit-proof email archiving. It can meet all compliance requirements, and thus actively prevent infringements.


Mobile and constant access to all emails

Mobile and constant access to all emails

Any time, anywhere, and from every device: You have access to the complete email dataset for your company and can quickly find all information, with attachments.



Integration into digital workflows

Integration into digital workflows

Integrate your emails into digital business process and workflows. So, now you don’t just file your information securely, you also organize it smartly.


Increase in IT performance

Increase in IT performance

Countless emails are created in a company every day. So take the burden off your email server, and increase your IT performance.


Smart, secure, and automated email archiving

Legally compliant email archiving is complex. That is why we have made it our goal to make the digital archiving of emails smart, simple, and secure. With our solution, you manage and archive your emails automatically and in an audit-proof way, and make their content available to your business processes. All archived emails and attachments remain unchanged and fully accessible, even after many years. You then have access to your business-related emails anytime, anywhere, and so can find valuable information at any time.

Email archiving with dataglobal

Why does the archiving of your emails have to be legally compliant?

Tax implications are the main reason. Companies like yours are obliged to retain all communications regarding the transactions they make. It is important that the tax office can track how orders and contracts were dealt with, even years later.

dataglobal email archiving with remote access

Goodbye email quotas! Smart email archiving

Say goodbye to email quotas, because your business loses important information due to email quotas. Users are hindered in their work, and your IT suffers in performance and thus becomes inefficient. With the dg mail anywhere add-on module, you can carry your entire mailbox with you at all times, regardless of its size. You then have complete access to all your emails and attachments on your mobile device, at any time and in seconds. Share archived e-mails with business partners and colleagues, no matter which mail application or which device they use. There has never been more flexibility.

Network all your information: Link your programs with email archiving

No information is lost! Email archiving can be seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and HCL Notes (Lotus Notes). As a user, you do not even notice the interface to the archiving software. Intuitive working in the familiar Office environment is ensured at all times.


dataglobal email archiving with networked information
Experience dataglobal email archiving in the live demo

Simple and secure: Email archiving with dataglobal

Convinced? We would be happy to arrange a live demo to show you how simple and secure our email archiving is to operate. We look forward to exchanging views.


Legally compliant email archiving with Microsoft Exchange Online

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