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Everything at a glance with electronic files

Electronic files are the counterpart to conventional paper files. With eFiles, just as with paper files, all documents and information are managed in a filing system – but digitally. It doesn’t matter if the document is already in digital form or is a hard copy. Physical documents can be easily and securely archived and added to the digital folder by scanning them. eFiles are based upon the use of smart solutions. At dataglobal, we use a document management system. The software archives all company-related documents and data and creates the optimum foundation for using electronic files. eFiles differ from paper files in that they are smart. Multiple users can directly access electronic files regardless of time or place. This creates transparency for all employees. Information can be found quickly, and the current editing status can also be displayed directly.

How you benefit from electronic files

Automatic and audit-proof filing

Automatic and audit-proof filing

Electronic files use a document management system as a basis. This ensures that all data for your company are automatically archived in one place and are audit-proof. In addition, with eFiles, smart rules ensure that retention periods are complied with.



Efficient collaboration

Efficient collaboration

Electronic files allow you and you team to access a file at the same time. eFiles also ensure that information is not lost when working collaboratively on documents. The document management system also allows you to always track which changes were made by what user.



Direct linking of information

Direct linking of information

eFiles are not just more state-of-the-art than their predecessors, they are also smarter. Information and data from the electronic files can be linked directly using workflows. This means that employees from different departments can find the right information for the current operation quickly, simply, and securely.



Paperless office

Paperless office

Electronic files get your company in shape for the digital transformation. But they also prevents paper chaos in your company. Digital management means that you save paper and reduce your ecological footprint.



Smart links with electronic files

Employees can often be baffled by classic paper files: Who has the file currently? Where was the document filed? Who last worked on the file? With paper files, the result is that knowledge gets lost, work processes are delayed, resources are needed for high-level search efforts, and, ultimately, frustration grows within your team. But the solution to these challenges can be quickly and easily implemented. eFiles create an important foundation on your way towards creating a digital workplace. Digital files are not just the modern equivalent of conventional files, they are also smart and audit-proof. You and your team can find all your documents and contents in a digital folder, without lengthy searches. Smart links allow eFiles to be networked with the relevant workflows and processes directly in the system. Make your workflows efficient and avoid sources of error.

dataglobal eFile for linking information smartly
Ensure compliance with the dataglobal eFile

More secure than your filing cabinet: eFiles meet compliance requirements

While your filing cabinet is protected only against unauthorized access, an eFile can provide much more in terms of security. With dataglobal, you decide who has access to the digital file and who doesn’t. You can decide at any time which employees can access what content in the file. By digitizing your files, the search for the key to the cupboard becomes redundant. But it is not just access that can be precisely defined. Retention periods within the document management system can also be exactly defined. dataglobal software automatically recognizes document types and assigns defined retention periods to them based upon smart rules. Your team does not need any additional resources to review and archive documents securely. Our software does all this for you.

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Scope of application for eFiles

From personnel file to project file – at dataglobal, we tailor our solution to you, regardless of which department you would like to use the eFiles for. The basic document management system provides numerous uses for electronic files.

  • Personnel file
  • Project file
  • Customer file
  • Supplier file
  • Contract management
  • Invoice processing
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Goodbye paper files, hello eFiles!

Are you ready for a paperless office? You can combat paper chaos with eFiles. And you are not just benefiting the environment, you are also benefiting your processes and employees. We can arrange a demonstration to show you how easy it is to introduce digital files and how you can make real savings by using electronic files.


More efficiency with electronic order files

Our customer F.X. Meiller joined us in taking a step towards creating a digital enterprise. He decided to introduce digital order files in order to make his business processes efficient and smart. Our case study shows how they were introduced and what advantages he gained from taking this step.

Download the F.X. Meiller case study now!