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BIT Informations­systeme GmbH is one of the leading IT system houses in the Rhine-Main area with a focus on high-level services for server systems and networks. BIT was founded in 1992 and can look back on a very positive company develop­ment since that time.

“We have been working with dataglobal since the early 90s and trust in their excellent product stability and service quality. To date, every project has been a great success.”
Christian Wegener, CEO BIT Informations­systeme GmbH

Contact: dataglobal Inside Sales
Phone: +49 7131 1226-500
Email: request@dataglobal.com
Website: www.bitinfo.de
Address: 55129 Mainz, Germany
Sales region: Germany
Special industry focus: banking, automotive, cross-industry
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The bossinfo.ch AG, which already has 8 sites in the German-speaking part of Switzer­land, will continue to implement its compre­hensive stack strategy. The bossinfo.ch AG is collaborating closely with dataglobal to further expand its strategically important document management and process automation activity.

Since 1988, the bossinfo.ch AG has built up a reputation in Switzer­land as the integrator boasting the largest number of installations of the all-round business management solution Microsoft Dynamics. Alongside the complete Microsoft product-offering, the bossinfo.ch AG’s other main pillars include ICT infra­structure / system technology, web applications such as web­shops and portals, and training. The company is not a new­comer to process automation either and with its archive and workflow solutions, has been able to make a name for itself in Switzer­land, particularly with the major banks, cantonal banks, and insurance companies.

“The requirements of pmc and Boss customers are becoming increasingly ambitious. With the software solutions from dataglobal, we will be able to success­fully integrate even larger, more complex archive and workflow solutions – with and with­out an ERP solution”,
Simon Boss,
founder, owner and CEO of the bossinfo.ch AG

Contact: dataglobal Inside Sales
Phone: +49 7131 1226-500
Email: request@dataglobal.com
Website: www.bossinfo.ch
Address: 4539 Farnern / Switzerland
Sales region: Switzerland

bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg, a software and consulting company based in Bielefeld, Germany, has been success­fully supporting its customers since the early 1980s with a cross-company solution concept of easy-to-use standard software and industry-oriented solutions. The focus is on the optimiza­tion and automation of business processes in marketing, sales and service. The company’s own products and solutions in the areas of Customer Relation­ship Management, Cross Media Publishing, Supplier Relation­ship Management and integrated portal solutions form the basis.

dataglobal’s products, which are based on standard technologies, have proven themselves in use by our customers. They are easy to scale, are highly effective and can be easily integrated into the required applications.
Henning Kortkamp, Managing Director at bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg

Contact: dataglobal Inside Sales
Phone: +49 7131 1226-500
Email: request@dataglobal.com
Website: www.bpi-solutions.de
Address: 33659 Bielefeld, Deutschland
Sales region: Germany, Austria
Special industry focus: Furniture industry, transport and logistics, food industry, manufacturing industry.

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The Printcom Group was founded in 1997 and employs 23 people. Printcom is represented in Germany and Switzer­land.

Printcom offers modern and functionally comprehensive hardware and software solutions for simple and efficient document management for industry, commerce, authorities and banks. As a specialized provider, Printcom realizes individual solutions that  meet the diverse re­quirements of modern administration optimally.

“We are extremely satisfied with dataglobal and have valued their professional, collaborative support for ten years.”
Heinz Seifert, CEO Printcom GmbH

Contact: dataglobal Inside Sales
Phone: +49 7131 1226-500
Email: request@dataglobal.com
Website: www.printcom-gmbh.de
Address: 79540 Lörrach, Germany

Sales region: Switzer­land, Liechten­stein,Germany
Special industry focus: industry, commerce, authorities, banks

dg apps:
OMRmaker – Preparing documents for controlling postal routes and inserting systems
documento – Print distribution and control of printing processes

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In recent years, ZS DocMa has grown into a permanent partner for project-related input/output solutions as well as individual DMS, work flow and archiving technologies. On the basis of established products from well-known manu­facturers, we develop solutions to recognize, process, adapt to your interfaces, prepare and store information. Our portfolio is supplemented by our own develop­ments and the possibility of long-term support through our call number-based technical support.

Contact: dataglobal Inside Sales
Phone: +49 7131 1226-500
Email: request@dataglobal.com
Website: www.zs-docma.de
Adress: 35398 Gießen, Germany

Sales region: Germany/Austria/Switzer­land, Luxembourg, England
Special industry focus: all industries dg apps ZS HypCon for JDE

dg apps:
ZS HypCon for JDE
xInvoice Connector

ZUGFeRD – ZUGFeRD is a standardized data format for electronic invoices that has been available free of charge as Version 1.0 to all interested businesses and public authorities since 25 June 2014. The ZUGFeRD data format is based on the Cross-Industry_Invoice (CII) standard (UN/CEFACT), ISO norm 19005-3:2012 (PDF/A-3), and the “Message User Guidelines” (MUG) specified at European level. ZUGFeRD Version 2.0 enables Xinvoice format file processing.

The solution can create ZUGFeRD receipts and also extract the data from files that have been received, and transfer it to a Transform™ data container.

ZS hyparchive Connector for FormScape V3.x – The application includes a package of FormScape SDK objects that provides easy archiving and retrieval of documents for FormScape programmers.

ZS hyparchive Connector for Transform V7.x – The application comprises a package with Transform SDK objects, which enables simple document archiving and research for Trans­form programmers

ZS Hyparchive Connection Manager – a tool for activating and deactivating Office AddIn and archive server definitions when mobile Windows systems are used.

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