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Compliance is a must

To meet compliance requirements, it is essential that laws and regulations be complied with when handling data. But ensuring that the retention of your files, documents, and emails is legally correct presents high and complex demands. We show you the easy way for you and your company to ensure compliance and establish legal certainty.

Ensure compliance and enjoy more advantages with dataglobal!

Automated and secure deletion of data (defensible delete)    

Find information quickly and reliably  

Reacting quickly and easily to changes to legislation  

Data security and traceability thanks to optimized digital processes  

Granting access to sub-areas for audit  

Support for eDiscovery processes  

Peace of mind that data have been handled and stored in line with the prevailing compliance regulations  

Competitive advantages by meeting customer-specific requirements, such as ADV, production data back-up, quality data back-up, etc.  

How exactly does dataglobal help you ensure that your company is compliant?

Observing compliance when editing, retaining, and deleting data is a must for every company. Only those companies that observe statutory and internal guidelines can avoid infringements of, for example, the GDPR. But many companies are willing to take that risk, because meeting compliance requirements requires a high level of organizational and manual effort and expense. However, we offer you a solution which makes managing information simple, fast, and secure. Our digital workplace allows you to comply with all the different rules – without additional effort. By digitizing your documents and the associated processes, you improve access to information, as well as automatically complying with statutory retention periods.

dataglobal helps you ensure compliance

Customized and legally compliant in one: dataglobal CS

Data protection, audit-compliant archiving, and compliance with statutory retention periods ensure that you can avoid penalties. However, guidelines can differ from case to case. So, at dataglobal, we listen carefully to your requirements and customize our software to you.

Analysis of your situation and definition of retention methods / policies together

Implementation of your individual rules for retention and deletion (Information Lifecycle Management / ILM)

Allocation of the methods to data and sectors

Optimization of existing control mechanisms

Coordination with your auditors and legal counsel

Support for the certification of the whole process

Support for the introduction of SAP-ILM

Ensuring immutability thanks to digital finger prints

Ensure compliance with dataglobal

Meeting compliance with dataglobal

How can you comply with internal and statutory regulations relating to the audit-proof retention of data? Our software can support you. We show you just how simply, securely, and quickly compliance can be ensured when editing, retaining, and deleting information.


The digital workplace helps minimize risks and ensure compliance

The ever increasing amount of data and documents presents companies with challenges. Maintaining an overview of all your information is getting more and more complex, and this in turn puts the compliance with statutory provisions and standards at risk. In our whitepaper, find out how you can overcome this challenge with the digital workplace. Create more transparency for your data and maintain full control.

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