About dataglobal

Software solutions from dataglobal – mastering today’s digital challenges and solving tomorrow’s problems before they arise.

Wolfgang Munz has always seen fundamental changes as an opportunity, and not as a reason to panic. In a time shaken up by disruption and digitization, the founders and directors of dataglobal and its 70-strong team of experts offer its customers exactly what they’re looking for: Focus, security, reliability, new ideas, enjoying challenges, and finding individual solutions with added value.

This promise isn’t new, but is based upon expertise built up over more than 25 years, trusted by around 550 customers in 40 customers. A worldwide network of partners supports this expertise. It speaks for itself that nearly half of dataglobal’s clients have been loyal customers of the IT specialists from the Heilbronner Zukunftspark for at least a decade.

Wolfgang Munz’s motto is: “To solve a problem, you first have to understand it.” You don’t need in-depth technical knowledge, just the willingness to think ideas through without immediately questioning them. dataglobal uses the design-thinking method to fully understand the customer, and then works with the customer, step-by-step, to achieve the goal of integrated digitization. In other words: Far from any grand visions, to facilitate modern, networked working practices and anchor digitally-supported processes that make many things easier – and show companies the way to a competitive future.

It doesn’t matter whether you need content services for today’s mobile and flexible work practices, or targeted, smart design of a platform for the digital workplace, or integral archiving of data and their GDPR-related control – dataglobal supplies customized, user-friendly software solutions for the individual digital transformation.

Guarantors of our innovative strength – our employees

Special people with special skills work at dataglobal. This makes us a special Software company. On our page “ The people at dataglobal “ we personally introduce you to some of our team.