Mobile, simple, and secure: the Document Management System from dataglobal

Speed up and streamline your document management processes

All information at a glance: with our document management system

Paper, printed contracts, email attachments, and long lists are a thing of the past. The future is digital! From now on, you can manage all documents and data on one platform with dataglobal’s document management system (DMS). The digital platform contains all your documents in a common context, with trackable editing status to help optimize your business processes. The platform ensures that the archiving of your data is legally compliant, is easy to use, and can be called up from anywhere at any time.

Digital document management: Optimize your business processes!

Increase of productivity

Increase of productivity

Our document management ensures that no documents get lost. A digital platform collects all the documents for you. You can also edit and manage them in the platform directly. This allows you to optimize processes, make decisions based upon all available information, and prevent errors.


Optimal resource planning

Optimal resource planning

Smart Support with our DMS. Establish digital workflows in the system directly so that you can free up resources in the specialist departments.


Ensuring compliance requirements

Ensuring compliance requirements

Play it safe, and use the document management to proactively prevent potential sanctions. Smart rules within the DMS allow you to minimize the outlay involved in adhering to compliance provisions.


All documents in digital form

All documents in digital form

Regardless of the document type, whether contract, proposal, or routing slip: all your data can be found in digital form in the document management system.


Effective collaboration through transparency

Effective collaboration through transparency

By digitally managing all your documents and data in one software product, you have access to all your information at any time. Collaboration within the company also benefits from the resulting transparency. With the document management system, employees do not just have access to the current status of the data, but can also edit and share documents and initiate workflows directly in the software.


Fast employee onboarding

Fast employee onboarding

Ease of use is a crucial point for us in the development of our products. That is why the document management system is designed so that every employee can find their way around the system quickly and contribute to the digital management of documents.


The correct document management system is the first step towards a digital workplace

With the dataglobal document management system, you can automate and digitize your processes. Not only do you save resources, you are also well on the way to creating your digital enterprise. Invoices, proposals, delivery notes, or emails: Each employee can find the information relevant to them quickly and easily on one platform. They can look at it, edit it, and also initiate digital workflows in the DMS directly. Digital storage means that no document is lost. In addition, you can always track the latest status of your documents directly.


Design your document management system smartly

Can be tailored individually to you: design your document management system based upon your requirements


Smart archiving

Are you looking for a simple archiving opportunity? Then dg archive is the optimum addition to the document management system.


Digital files

Would you like to see all the documents involved in an important order at a glance? Digital files are the buzzword here. In combination with the document management system, they create a strong partnership, which means that you never have to carry out long searches for information again.


Workflow Management

Would you like collaboration to be digital and smart? Design your document management system efficiently, and manage your workflows digitally.


E-mail archiving

Would you like to stay on top of things, even when there are so many emails? The combination of document management system and email archiving does not just help you to keep track, it also offers you smart archiving.

Your document management – your interfaces

One platform – all your data. Data and documents are stored in many different systems. To offer you “one source of truth,” our DMS accesses different interfaces and stores all the data collected in one platform. By using one platform, you can access all your information from the various systems and edit it directly – at any time and from anywhere.


How our document management system Works

Interested? Let us look together at how you can use dataglobal to optimize your business processes and ensure your long-term success. We would be happy to set up your own live demo and show you what advantages you can expect from document management. We look forward to exchanging views!


Document management system: Tips and tricks for implementation

Find out in our “Document management” whitepaper what you need to consider when selecting and introducing a DMS. You will also receive fascinating tips and tricks on the optimal use of the document management system.

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