Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Transparency over all business information with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

No information is lost: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Durch die Kombination Microsoft Dynamics 365 und dem digitalen Arbeitsplatz der dataglobal CS erhalten Sie ein ganzheitliches, strukturiertes Informationsmanagement. Durch die nahtlose Integration von Microsoft Dynamics 365 werden Ihre Dokumente und Belege direkt aus der ERP-Software einfach und sicher in Ihrem digitalen Arbeitsplatz abgelegt.

The combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the dataglobal CS digital workplace offers you integrated, structured information management. Thanks to the seamless integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365, your records and documents can be filed in your digital workplace straight from the ERP software.

How You Benefit from the Seamless Integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Transparency in the MS Dynamics 365 Environment

Transparency in the MS Dynamics 365 Environment

All information at a glance, without having to leave the ERP system – by integrating D365 in dataglobal CS, your documents are enhanced by important information from other systems, allowing you to understand the business context directly within the ERP system.



Documents from Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be called up from anywhere

Documents from Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be called up from anywhere

It doesn’t matter where you’re working or what device you’re using – with the Webclient from dataglobal, you can call up records and documents from Microsoft Dynamics 365 remotely.


Digital and Secure Processes

Digital and Secure Processes

By integrating your ERP data, you can not only assign your documents to the relevant business processes, but can also add the information to digital workflows. In this way, you ensure a transparent and rapid flow of information across all departments.


Legally Compliant Retention of Your D365 Documents

Legally Compliant Retention of Your D365 Documents

With dataglobal’s archiving solution, you can automate the archiving of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 documents. Additional retention rules allow you to delete data within the prescribed time frame and with full legal compliance, and save you having to do it manually.


Fully Integrated in the Digital Workplace: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with the digital archiving system from dataglobal allows information to be exchanged in both directions. All documents from D365 are automatically filed in the digital workplace so that the documents can also be called up from outside the ERP system.

The additional use of eFiles also makes your D365 documents smart. Further information from different systems is also available in the dataglobal CS archiving software, depending upon your individual interfaces. For example, data from MS Office or SAP can be added to dataglobal CS, in addition to your ERP data. All these documents and information from various interfaces can be linked smartly in the digital workplace, combined in digital files, and also connected to workflows. dataglobal CS provides you with a platform on which you can capture and also connect company-wide data.

Business processes in a business context with SAP integration
More efficient processes by integrating data with dataglobal CS

Department-Wide Central Data Management: Integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365

By integrating your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data, you can archive more than just incoming and outgoing documents directly in dataglobal CS. With dataglobal’s digital workplace, you can enhance your documents from D365 with a wide variety of information, such as emails, reports, and evaluations. Since information is exchanged from the ERP system into dataglobal CS and also in the other direction, the enhanced information is also available to you in the ERP system quickly, and organized within the business context. This means that you have a 360-degree view of business processes without leaving dataglobal’s digital workplace. You thus have transparency and control over all your data at all times.

You and your team benefit from having information on customers and suppliers available to all departments – even without access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

More Possibilities from Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365

The integration of your ERP systems in dataglobal CS opens up new possibilities. For example, you can introduce digital workflows, or automatically archive documents so that they are fully audit-compliant. Where the limits of your ERP system have been reached, with the integration in the digital workplace, you are ready to take the next step. Discover your new possibilities together with us


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