dataglobal SAP data archiving and information lifecycle management

Seamless integration of SAP into your digital workplace

We provide GDPR-compliant SAP archiving and comprehensive solutions for the seamless integration of SAP documents and records, as well as the outsourcing of data extracts (ADK archiving).

SAP archiving in the right business context

At last, you are able to attach and link additional

  • documents
  • attachments
  • notes
  • emails

and all related files directly to your SAP records. 

Likewise, you can store and display documents, such as outgoing invoices, delivery notes, or purchase orders directly from SAP in the corporate-wide digital workplace. This improves your SAP processes and allows you to use SAP content in other business processes at the same time.

Electronic files as a business solution

dataglobal’s SAP solution also makes it possible to store all documents (both SAP and non-SAP), regardless of their origin, in a hierarchical file structure and to link them to an SAP record. The introduction of documents can be done both automatically – from any source – as well as manually by the user and is completely intuitive to use.

SAP archiving with certificate

dataglobal SAP archiving ensures legally compliant retention of data extracts and documents thereby safeguarding your compliance strategy during subsequent processing.

Our SAP certification includes both the archive link and the ILM interface.

With these interfaces, as an SAP user you can archive and store data and records and easily link them to additional information from the dataglobal CS context.

Exceptional information lifecycle management

The dataglobal ILM interface facilitates the legally compliant management of data within SAP that is subject to retention and deletion rules. Centralized rules can be defined that automate and simplify archiving, the life-cycle, and blocking and deleting data, e.g. based on the requirements of the German GoBD Act or GDPR.

For example, retention periods can be stored and personal data can be securely managed against the background of your SAP ILM. It also ensures that data and documents which are subject to statutory retention periods are not accidentally deleted. This means that you reduce and you can easily satisfy compliance requirements.

Migrating and consolidating existing SAP archives

dataglobal CS offers a standardized tool for integrating existing SAP archives. This functionality allows existing archives to be transferred to the new dataglobal CS environment when the system is running.

Possible scenarios

  • For a number of reasons, do you want to migrate SAP archives, for example by replacing an old system with our solution or replacing an SAP content server?
  • Or perhaps you want to consolidate your SAP systems and as a preparatory step, you have to move document attachments from the SAP database to an external storage to relieve the load on the SAP database
  • Smaller SAP databases reduce the operating costs of an SAP HANA solution
  • SAP system decommissionings imply ADK data archiving and in this case also BLOB migration, so that any tax-related data remain accessible to the decommissioned system
  • The SAP content repositories need to be consolidated or reorganized (resorted), or the archive system landscape needs to be consolidated or reorganized

A strategic benefit for you

The archive migration manager in the dataglobal CS can be used as a tool for implementing and solving all the above scenarios and offers you the added value of standardized procedures and consistent documentation.

Before we start with the actual implementation, we provide a consultation and conception phase which involves an actual-state analysis of the archive-related SAP processes. This analysis is used in the design of the individually tailored solutions and in optimizing any existing processes

SAP Archiving and information lifecycle management

Benefits of SAP Archiving at a glance

  • You put into practice perfect SAP information lifecycle management with retention management, blocking (legal hold function), and deletion according to GoBD and GDPR requirements
  • The dataglobal scanning solution helps you to capture paper-based documents and, using barcode scenarios (late and early filing) and your SAP business workplace, you can link them directly to SAP records.
  • Integration of external documents, such as emails, attachments, or performance records for SAP business objects, such as invoices. All documents can be displayed within SAP
  • SAP-Archiving with dataglobal CS ensures completeness control for outgoing records. Missing documents can also be subsequently assigned and archived. This also puts SAP administrators in a position to retrospectively file outgoing records electronically that may have been sent as hard copies.
  • dataglobal SAP archiving index export makes it possible to use index data from the SAP system in the archive to find and display documents even without an SAP client. This allows for SAP independent document search
  • You prepare your data for migration to SAP HANA, S/4 HANA, and the cloud
  • Through effective management, you control the growth of your data and increase your IT effectiveness
  • Your agility, IT efficiency and the productivity of your users is increased
  • With reduced volumes of data and optimized systems, you effectively ensure cost reductions. (Total Cost of Ownership/TCO) and increase the profitability (return on investment/ROI) of your SAP application.

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SAP-Archiving with dataglobal CS

dataglobal SAP data archiving integrates SAP data and records seamlessly into your digital workplace. Valuable company data is integrated, linked and prepared and provided with content services for workflows and digital processes. This increases your efficiency as well as your competitiveness. At the same time, your data are managed and archived securely in line with current compliance provisions from GoBD und GDPR.