Data integration for state-of-the-art distributed working

Why Data integration is important for you: Does your enterprise have a number of different enterprise applications, Office systems and archives? Are you worried about data transparency? Do you have a situation in which you can’t directly or jointly access things that belong together?

With dataglobal CS, all your enterprise-wide data and information can now be easily integrated. This allows information in the common business context to be easily linked, archived and used in digital workflows, e.g. in digital and mobile working.

Data integration with connectors and interfaces to your enterprise and Office applications

The dataglobal interfaces bring together data from a wide range of applications in one digital workplace. Data and documents can be seamlessly integrated from applications, such as SAP, email, SharePoint or the cloud and directly from your employees, e.g. from MS Office applications.

The dataglobal interfaces and APIs provide the complete index for corporate-wide search and access to information through external systems.

Likewise, content-related and AI-supported data classification can be used via the APIs. The functionality of these intelligent connectors also includes the document management, such as versioning, determining retention periods, integration with business workflows, full-text indexing, and conversion to independent formats.

With dataglobal’s interfaces and APIs, you will be up to the challenge of digital transformation. You can integrate all valuable company data, link information and use it efficiently with the dataglobal CS.

Datenintegration mit dataglobal CS

The benefits of Data integration at a glance

  • Immediate implementation of integrations through connectors and straightforwardly structured interfaces/web services
  • Automatic and manual data integration
  • Nearly all sources can be utilized
  • Support through extensive documentation or training

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Secure Data integration and Data archiving

The dataglobal APIs offer data integration into the dataglobal content services as well as integration into the digital workplace. With the right interfaces, you can connect your valuable data from all relevant applications, all sources and all users, and provide them with meaningful information. This creates direct access and fast exchange of data and information. Immediate added value for your business: this information creates ideas that empower your employees and enable decision-making.