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Automate workflows with a workflow management system

  Smart workflows are crucial to successful digitization. On top of preventing efficient management and control, complex and non-transparent business processes are also extremely time and labor intensive for the company. With a workflow management system, you can overcome these challenges and take a step towards a digital workplace. Our solution does not just support you in automating your work steps, it also gives you the opportunity to monitor the process status at any time and from anywhere.

How You Benefit from Digital Workflow Management

Ensuring compliance

Ensuring compliance

Automated processes give you transparency over all your data and can track changes to documents and information. This minimizes the risk of infringements and actively supports you in ensuring compliance.


Efficient allocation of resources

Efficient allocation of resources

Automation allows you to save resources for recurring and manual tasks. Smart workflow management takes over these tasks for you and maps them digitally.


Processing statuses known at all times

Processing statuses known at all times

Always up to date: With a workflow management system, you know at all times what process a document is in, who is working on which document, and whether there are any problems with the workflow. This means that you can react promptly and quickly implement optimizations.


Optimized process flows

Optimized process flows

Smart automation makes your processes fast and efficient. As well as reading your information and data automatically, the system also initiates the next process steps automatically, based upon the information.


Workflow management can do more than just digitize your processes

The dataglobal workflow management monitors, controls, and optimizes your business processes with the aid of our software. Defined workflows play a major role in this. But what exactly is a workflow? In brief: A workflow is a fixed work process which always has a trigger. This trigger is followed by interrelated tasks that have a common goal. Together, the trigger, the work step, and the objective produce a workflow. In a workflow management system, workflows are show digitally. In the system, workflows can then be structured, edited, and coordinated. In addition, the digital mapping allows users to see all information at a glance. Not only does this allow you and your team to find relevant information about a work step, you can also quickly intervene when errors occur and carry out optimizations.

Workflow management in the digital workplace

Process optimization in all departments with workflow management

From order processes to checking incoming invoices to contract management – every company has a lot of document and data-driven processes which can be structured more effectively and quickly with digital workflow management. This means that you can reduce your process-related costs and accelerate editing and reaction times. In addition, by automating workflows, you can easily ensure compliance with retention periods, corporate guidelines, and legal requirements. You decide which processes and how many of them you would like to map and manage digitally:

Invoice processing

Review and approval processes


Order Processing

Applicant Management

Workflow management system for optimal digital processes

Simple workflow management with dataglobal DMS software

A document management system with workflow management supports you on the way to becoming a digital workplace. With this combination, you can create your process flows quickly, easily, and securely. The DMS from dataglobal captures all the data and documents from your company and archives them in one filing location. The workflow management also give you the option of assigning tasks to employees directly in the DMS. In doing so, the system observes fixed sequences and responsibilities. When DMS and workflow management work together, you and your team receive all the information you need for a work step directly, without additional effort needed for searches. Business processes are then automated and efficient.

Are you ready to move towards having a digital enterprise with workflow management?

Would you like to optimize your business processes? With a digital workflow management system, you can structure your workflows within the company digitally, transparently, and effectively in the future. We would be happy to set up a demonstration to show you the opportunities available to you through our solution.


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