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The digital revolution can be felt everywhere. New technologies, state-of-the-art working practices, and increasing amounts of data have made managing documents and information more and more complex. But there are a number of solutions available to support companies. The Digital Workplace is an important concept for successfully implementing the digital transformation. The Digital Workplace combines digital work processes with the right work environment. It forms a common platform for companies in which digital workflows and data can be mapped transparently. From various hardware systems to diverse software systems, the digital workplace consists of a number of building blocks. The dataglobal CS software is the heart of the digital workplace, alongside the hardware and the technical infrastructure.

How you benefit from the digital workplace

Increase your efficiency and productivity

Increase your efficiency and productivity

It is no secret that you save time by digitizing your documents. Save important resources within your team by mapping all your data and processes digitally. This has a positive effect on your lead times and increases the efficiency of your business processes.



Transparency of all data

Transparency of all data

All information is available quickly and easily – the dataglobal CS software provides you with a system which has a standardized and smart filing structure. This system allows you and your team to find data and documents quickly and remotely in the digital workplace.



Error-free workflows

Error-free workflows

The Digital Workplace maps your workflows, without forgetting a work step. Fixed sequences are also taken into account in the digital workflows. This makes deviations and errors in your business processes impossible.



Work independent of time and place

Work independent of time and place

Flexible and remote working models are standard today. With the Digital Workplace from dataglobal, you have barrier-free access to all data – irrespective of the time, place, and mobile terminal.



dataglobal CS as the Basis for the Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace consists not just of hardware that allows teams to communicate remotely with one another. It also includes the fundamental software for the digital workplace, which is crucial to its successful implementation. dataglobal CS forms the foundation stone for your digital workplace. Alongside its role as an archiving software, dataglobal CS also has a lot of other smart features. dataglobal CS is the best support for your digital transformation. With the content services provided by our software, you can realize integrated digitization strategies, company-wide, audit-proof archiving, and state-of-the-art working practices, and be on the way to becoming a digital enterprise. Digital transformation means more than just digitizing documents. In order to increase your efficiency and productivity, the Digital Workplace and its associated software must be able to do the following:

Digital Workplace by dataglobal CS

Data integration:

dataglobal CS seamlessly integrates your data from different sources and integrates them into the Digital Workplace.

Understanding data:

dataglobal CS analyzes and refines your data to make them useful.

Digital processes:

We work together with you to develop customized digital processes and workflows. These are linked directly to your data and mapped in your Digital Workplace.

Digital enterprise:

Working with us, you design your company’s transformation to a future-proof digital enterprise.

Flexible access to all company data and applications with the Digital Workplace

With the Digital Workplace, you always have the right access to the application you need. Whether web-based, mobile, at the desktop, as an Office add-in, or as a portal – digital workplace Clients are distinguished by the highest level of functionality, simple operation, and intuitive user interfaces. Clients allow data to be easily integrated into the digital workplace, including manually by drag-and-drop and via a scanner for paper documents. You can then digitally manage, edit, and share documents and data. With automatic and manual indexing and tagging, you link the information in the business context. Absolute transparency: Dataglobal Clients create access to all company data and applications for seamless content services. With just a few clicks, you can integrate your various systems, e.g., Intranets, employee portals, and customer and supplier portals, model corporate-wide workflows, and combine them in the digital workplace. Whether information systems, contract management, or access to a digital personnel file – the possibilities for application are virtually limitless. Processes, such as processing data, requesting services, or monitoring deadlines, are also examples of typical applications for the Digital Workplace.

Flexible access to all your information with the Digital Workplace
dataglobal Digital Workplace Clients

dataglobal Clients makes it easy to find information in the digital workplace

With the Digital Workplace, you always have the right access to the application you need. Whether web-based, mobile, on the desktop, as an Office add-in, or as a portal – digital workplace Clients are distinguished by the highest level of functionality, simple operation, and intuitive user interfaces. A platform for all your company-related documents and data: dataglobal CS archives all your data in one system. It has never been easier to integrate, connect, find, and share information from the digital workplace. dataglobal Clients provide access to your digital workplace. You can:

  • Integrate data manually
  • Connect data for folders, files, and processes
  • Show data in dynamic hierarchies
  • Find relevant information quickly and reliably
  • Intuitively generate workflows and digital processes.

No data get lost in the digital workplace

The software basis for the digital workplace ensures that no documents or data are lost. dataglobal CS collects all information and archives it independently of user and location. This means that employees can find all company-related data and documents on one platform. dataglobal CS can integrate data from different sources into the Digital Workplace:

Microsoft Office


ERP systems




Digital Workplace: the platform for your digital transformation

Just getting rid of paper does not constitute a digital transformation. Take the opportunity and improve your efficiency and productivity through the Digital Workplace. We will show you how you can successfully work with us towards becoming a digital enterprise.


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