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Less effort, lower costs, more security: We manage your IT operations

You focus on your core business while we secure your IT operations

Regular backups, administration, and maintenance for a variety of applications, operating systems, and data centers are expensive. Furthermore, costs for these tasks are not transparent, and there are high overhead costs each month. But how can you avoid this?dataglobal Managed Services provides you with a partner that builds your IT team. We manage the entire operation of your data centers, operating systems, data control, user management, and dataglobal applications.

Your Benefits with our Managed Services

Know-how and calculable resources

Know-how and calculable resources

Our team members are experienced in data center operations and in managing applications and operating programs. They have all required certifications. When there are staffing changes in your team, we gather important know-how components. 



Stable and transparent costs

Stable and transparent costs

When we take over your IT operations as a managed service, fixed costs for your own staff and training become variable costs. You are not confronted with unexpected costs for training or external resources needed at short notice. 



Security and maximum availability

Security and maximum availability

We give top priority to the availability and security of your applications and data. Our documented and proven operating processes are fully ITIL-compliant and supplement our team members’ world-class expertise. 



More time for strategic alignment

More time for strategic alignment

We relieve your IT team of time-consuming routine tasks so you can concentrate on other important things such as further developing your services, on innovations through new technologies, or your IT department’s strategic alignment.



dataglobal Managed Services for smooth IT operations

Managed Services: We Are Your IT Team

Efficient processes require error-free and secure IT operations. Collaboration with our Managed Services ensures that IT operations run smoothly at any time. As your IT team, we support you in several areas: dataglobal applications, long-term archiving, operating systems, and user management.You will receive regular reports regarding our support, enabling you to have insight into your operations and our services at any time. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we will discover optimization potential in your IT operations and bring efficiency and security to your business processes.

Managed Services: Our Technology Areas

Our dataglobal Solutions Services

  • System testing (production and testing systems)
  • Consistency checks
  • Patch management
  • User support
  • Process optimization
  • IT service management in accordance with ITIL processes
  • Reporting, monitoring
  • Documentation
  • Release management
  • Call handling for software used

Our Long-Term Archiving Solutions Services

  • Archiving solutions (ORACLE HSM, versity)
  • IT service management in accordance with ITIL processes
  • IT services design, implementation, and operation, including infrastructure
  • Interface with specialty departments, applications, and services
  • Service continuity through cluster operation and visualization
  • Documentation (e.g., operating manual, service catalog)
  • Reporting, monitoring
  • Patch and release management
  • License management
  • Call handling for IT infrastructure used

Our Services Relating to Your Operating System

  • UNIX, LINUX, Microsoft
  • IT service management in accordance with ITIL processes
  • Transferring time & material environment to managed services
  • Documentation (e.g., operating manual, service catalog)
  • System management solution for systems implementation, scaling, and administration (Satellite Server)
  • Managed tools
  • Patch and release management
  • Life cycle management
  • IT security implementation in accordance with customer requirements
  • Server administration with storage connection and cluster operation
  • Virtualization
  • Reporting, monitoring

Our User Management Services

  • Management of data repositories and assignment of access rights
  • Documentation (e.g., operating manual, service catalog)
  • Data migration coordination and implementation
  • Data repository management for customer data over its complete lifecycle
  • Interface between users and storage management
  • IT security concept consultations
  • Reporting, monitoring
  • IT service management in accordance with ITIL processes
  • Transferring time & material environment to managed services

Design Your Services Exactly the Way You Need Them

Because our Managed Services are based on your requirements, we offer you various and always perfectly coordinated services. As we implement our services, we always have your success in mind. Every project consists of planning, introduction, and operation, as well as return of the project to you.


  • Creating requirement catalog in coordination with you
  • Designing environments for hardware, software, and services
  • Defining organizational and communications model
  • Developing transition and operative concept
  • Project and resource planning
  • Profitability analysis


  • Defining scope of service and project plan
  • Establishing processes (ITIL management, communication, and technology)
  • Knowledge transfer and work shadowing
  • Taking on service activities as a transitional project and service responsibilities with change of control
  • Success monitoring (documents/checklists)


  • Second & third-level support
  • Regular service hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday, on-call outside of regular hours with 24/7 call acceptance
  • User support
  • Identifying and implementing potential for optimization
  • Patch and release management
  • Further services: Reporting, documentation


  • Return of service, including processes, scripts, tools, etc.
  • Defined return or extension
  • Knowledge transfer and work shadowing
  • dataglobal remains the contact partner for an agreed upon period following transfer
  • Optional transition to third-level support contract

Need more time for your core competence?

Talk to us! Together, we will analyze your requirements and create a perfectly customized Managed Services package for you. This will enable you to unburden yourself from time-consuming IT processes in the future.


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