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Document Management System with Seamless Salesforce Integration

Smart Linking of Your Sales Data and Documents: dataglobal CS for Salesforce

Many companies use the Salesforce CRM solution to manage their customer and sales data. However, Salesforce data is not usually linked to other customer-related documents in other systems. The consequence: In order to process sales-related business transactions, you and your team end up being the ones who need to search and combine all data from different systems. This ties up resources, creates inefficient processes, and will demotivate your team because they need to conduct long searches.

Integrating Salesforce into the dataglobal CS document management system, optimizes your sales processes. You can view all documents regarding a specific customer right within in Salesforce—irrespective of the system the documents originate from. You can obtain all relevant data without leaving Salesforce.

Your Added Value from the Seamless Integration of Salesforce

Working Within the Salesforce Environment

Working Within the Salesforce Environment

All customer-related information at a glance without having to leave Salesforce: By integrating Salesforce into the dataglobal CS DMS, you can expand your sales data by adding important data and documents from other systems. This gives you a 360° view of your customers within one system.

Customer Data in Salesforce Can be Accessed from Anywhere

Customer Data in Salesforce Can be Accessed from Anywhere

Irrespective of the time, place or device—with dataglobal web access you have the opportunity to access data from Salesforce from anywhere at any time. You and your team can also use the web client to view Salesforce data outside of the Salesforce environment.

Digital and Secure Sales Processes

Digital and Secure Sales Processes

Once you have integrated Salesforce, you can not only assign your customer data to the relevant processes, but also add the information to digital workflows. This is how you ensure a transparent and rapid flow of information across all departments.

Save on Storage Costs in Salesforce

Save on Storage Costs in Salesforce

Reduce your storage costs to a minimum. With dataglobal CS, you benefit from a cost-effective document management system that archives your data and documents to be audit-compliant.

Nothing’s Changed: Work on our Documents within Salesforce

Your team will thank you—thanks to the seamless integration of Salesforce into dataglobal CS, your employees can work with their everyday tools they are already familiar with. This allows you to manage archived documents directly via Salesforce, and you can open, process, version them, and assign them to customers from within this platform. Office documents are always opened in the usual Office environment, allowing quick and easy processing.

Business processes in a business context with SAP integration
More efficient processes by integrating data with dataglobal CS

Central and Smart Data Management: Integrating Salesforce into dataglobal CS

Two issues come up when working with Salesforce on a daily basis and trying to keep sales processes streamlined: Firstly, not all departments have access to the CRM platform and are thus unable to view Salesforce data. Secondly, Salesforce does not provide enough data to allow seamless tracking of orders and sales processes. What is missing is a smart link between the Salesforce information and other business data.

Integrating dataglobal CS for Salesforce solves these issues. All of the customer information you need is available at a glance in the dataglobal CS digital workplace—irrespective of whether you are a Salesforce user or not. You can link your customer data and documents from other applications as well, such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, SAP, or SharePoint, within eFiles which allows processes to be logged in a traceable manner. This ensures that the collaboration between you, your team, and external partners is secure, simple and quick.

Get a 360° View of Your Customers by Integrating Salesforce

By integrating your Salesforce CRM solution into dataglobal CS, Salesforce becomes your central source of information. Link your Salesforce data to documents from other systems and retrieve all of your customer data from within the Salesforce environment.

When your CRM solution reaches its limit, having dataglobal CS already integrated into your digital workplace helps you take the next step. Together we can discover opportunities to optimize your sales processes.


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