Data control through artificial intelligence – Understanding, categorizing and managing data automatically

dataglobal offers much more than just a clever solution for the automated outsourcing and audit-proof archiving of your files. With professional file management, you manage and archive your company-wide data – whether on Windows servers, filers, network shares or in SharePoint, SharePoint Online or other cloud storage solutions. Heterogeneous and distributed files are easily mastered with central rules.

Classify, connect and centralize unstructured data

Relevant information can be found quickly and reliably in the dataglobal CS digital workplace. The smart classification and pre-configured taxonomies allow you to understand your data and use them to their full potential. Your data becomes an important resource for your digital enterprise. In the business context, related information from SharePoint, file storage, and many other systems can be linked.

The dataglobal CS affords you absolute transparency and helps you meet your compliance requirements by giving you control over your personal data.

It also prevents “content sprawl”: the uncontrolled duplication or even multiplication of the same data to completely different filing locations.

Your IT infrastructure benefits when expensive online file storage is streamlined. You create space for new items while retaining access to the entire dataset.

The benefits at a glance

  • Fully automated management and legally compliant long-term archiving of your data
  • Professional file management based on centrally defined rules
  • Central management of retention periods and access rights
  • Enterprise-wide capture of the entire existing data from Windows File Servers, Filers (NetApp,..), SharePoint and SharePoint Online
  • Transformation and rendition into independent formats – for long-term availability of all information
  • Data remains available to the user anytime, anywhere
  • Smart classification turns unstructured data into valuable discoverable information
  • Achieve your compliance strategy and prevent content sprawl
  • Cost reduction by relieving expensive primary storage
  • The dataglobal CS allows you to use valuable information for digital business processes
  • Your entire dataset becomes a valuable resource for your digital transformation.

Other fields of application for the dataglobal CS

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Data integration


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Email management


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SAP archiving


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Modern working


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Digital enterprise

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SharePoint document management for file archiving

With dataglobal File Management, you benefit from a powerful, future-proof and intelligent system for professional file management of your unstructured data. dataglobal File Management refines your entire distributed database into one central source of information for your smart content services.