Our dataglobal CS software – the foundation of your digital enterprise

The dataglobal CS allows the secure management and optimal use of your information and data. We offer you the central solution for content services, digital workplace and legally compliant archiving – from the digitization of your documents and data integration from all resources, automated classification and the understanding and controlling of unstructured data, right through to the mapping of digital processes and workflows. In short: Everything for your digitization strategy, on the road towards a future-proof digital enterprise.

Your company will be fit for digital transformation.

Content Services for your competitive advantage

The dataglobal CS is a smart content service platform. Valuable company data is integrated, linked and prepared with content services for workflows and digital processes, as well as made available – to increase your efficiency and competitiveness.

dataglobal CS integrates information from applications, the cloud and directly from your employees.

This allows you to seamlessly link your valuable information from applications such as: SAP, email, SharePoint, cloud applications as well as Office (Outlook) 365 and your paper document archive. You can capture your content directly when editing in MS Office applications, manually with drag-and-drop and also from paper documents via a scanner with dataglobal apps.

Our data classification is based on centralized rules. For example, access rights are clearly defined. Dynamic hierarchies allow you to view the information from the perspective of different departments – from management through to production and IT. The faceted search, dynamic hierarchies or full-text indexing of the content ensure transparency and optimal retrievability of the data. Automatic and manual tagging provides a structured linking of all information.

The data and information available in this optimized form lay the foundation stone for state-of-the-art work practices. The dataglobal clients provide access to your digital workplace. You can then manually integrate data, link them to folders, files and processes, present them in dynamic hierarchies, quickly and reliably find relevant information, and intuitively generate workflows and digital processes. The paperless office becomes reality.

With dataglobal CS, you can integrate your various systems, model business workflows across the company and combine them in web applications or portals. From information systems and contract management to accessing a digital file, the possibilities for application are virtually limitless.

Legally compliant archiving guarantees compliance at all times, while ensuring the integrity of all information and full integration with MS Office applications. The policies for maintaining files, documents and emails are managed centrally. And long-term security comes first. Access to content is fully guaranteed through independent data formats even beyond the life cycle of the generationg application and current storage systems.

digitales Unternehmen durch Content Services / digital enterprise by content services

The benefits at a glance

  • Valuable content is preserved, made usable for workflows and made available for digital processes
  • Seamless and automatic integration of content through intelligent connectors, interfaces and APIs
  • linking of information through classification, indexing and tagging
  • Self-learning classification (AI) with preconfigured taxonomies
  • User-friendly and intuitive content management
  • Powerful searches across all document types, application data and locations
  • Faster search results shorten response times
  • Accelerated workflows facilitate distributed team collaboration
  • State-of-the-art work practices thanks to flexible access to information in the digital workplace – web-based, mobile, or on the desktop
  • Increased process reliability and efficiency thanks to digital workflows and electronic files

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Enterprise Content Management and Content Services from dataglobal

With the dataglobal CS and the digital workplace you can accelerate the mobile and distributed collaboration of all employees of your enterprise. At the center is all your enterprise data. It does not matter from which source this information comes. Our solutions integrate the company-wide distributed data and make it centrally usable via linked information. The data is integrated, linked and made available for workflows.