For your our individual Solution: Together we will overcome your challenges using innovations based on the design thinking method

We prepare you for the digital transformation! Regardless of your individual issue – whether it be necessary process optimization, an individual software solution, the outsourcing of IT services or a combination of all of these points – definitely talk to us!

We have a lot of experience and we listen carefully to what you tell us. We’re not interested in solving just any old problem, but rather the one that is most relevant for you.

With our dataglobal method and the innovative method Design Thinking we focus on your needs as customer and user.

Creative innovation with a creative concept – for a creative individual solution

The speed of change is higher than ever. Today, companies face challenges that require special solutions.

The empathic observation and the exact understanding of your individual requirements are at the beginning of every solution. You describe the specific problem – we find the right solution for you.

With the help of the Design Thinking method, we create quick transparency about the individual tasks of your company and recognize the problems within the work process – often not where expected.

Together with your employees, we work out viable and future-proof solutions in the field of digital transformation and content services.

These solutions include the creation of efficient digital workflows such as in the “Automated Invoice Receipt Processing” project, or the introduction of an “Order Management Electronic Order File”, the use of content services from all company-wide information or the introduction of innovative software solutions for more efficient processes.


Individuelle Lösung für Ihre Herausforderungen – Knowhow von dataglobal

For all of these tasks, the dataglobal solution portfolio offers a wealth of opportunities that are tailor-made for your company using the Design Thinking method. The creativity technique produces very practical and, above all, fast results. In the form of a prototype, the results are made visible and can be demoed by you.

Design Thinking as a systematic approach to complex problems puts your wishes and needs as a user and the user-oriented solution determination in the center. The method calls for a permanent feedback in the solution team – between the dataglobal experts and you.

Mit der Design Thinking-Methode entwickeln wir Ihre individuelle Lösung und meistern Ihre Herausforderungen durch kreative Innovationen / individual Solutions

The 6 phases of the design thinking method

  • “Understanding”: the team maps out the problem area
  • “Observing”: the team adopts the user’s point of view
  • “Defining perspective”: all knowledge gained is compiled and consolidated 
  • “Finding Ideas”: the team develops a multitude of possible solutions in order to then focus
  • “Prototypes”: Concrete solutions are developed clearly and tangibly
  • “Testing”: users test, evaluate and reiterate the process until a viable individual solution is achieved

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Individual Solutions in digital transformation – with design thinking

Our solutions help you to securely and easily manage and archive your data. In order to find the right solution for you, we work with the Design Thinking method. Our experts guide you through the innovation process. We look at your problem from different, new perspectives. From all the information we gather, we quickly develop prototypes that we test and improve until we find a perfect solution to your problem. There is therefore nothing in the way of your digital transformation!