State-of-the-art work practices with mobile access, digital workflows and processes

The dataglobal clients provide access to your digital workplace. Now you can integrate data manually, link them to folders, files and processes or show them in dynamic hierarchies. This allows your employees to quickly find relevant information, share it securely and remotely and generate intuitive workflows and digital processes.

Digital workplace for your paperless office

Depending on the application, you always have the right access. Whether web-based, mobile, on the desktop, as an Office add-in or as a portal. Our clients have the highest functionality, ease of use and intuitive user interfaces in common.

This allows data to be integrated, managed and shared, also manually by drag-and-drop and for paper documents via scanner. With automatic and manual indexing and tagging, you link the information in the business context.

In just a few clicks, you can integrate your various systems, model business workflows across the company and combine them in web applications or portals.

Whether it is information systems, contract management or access to a digital personnel file: the application possibilities are unlimited. Also processes, for example for processing data or monitoring deadlines, are typical application cases.

The dataglobal CS creates your private cloud which you use as the foundation for efficient state-of-the-art work practices – for distributed teams working at different sites, from home or on the road.

Modernes Arbeiten im digital Workplace

The benefits at a glance

  • With seamless integration with Microsoft Office, users of products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. interact and directly access the digital workplace.
  • Documents can be versioned, filed, searched, retrieved, and shared directly.
  • dataglobal clients can be integrated into different business applications. So you can seamlessly leverage important information across the enterprise.
  • Your big advantage: You decide at which point in the work process you want to access which information.
  • This allows you to capture and store documents at any time – even on the go. It doesn’t matter if they are expense documents, delivery notes, invoices or receipts. Files can be managed precisely.
  • The required information is retrieved quickly and reliably from your archive. The information advantage is on your side!
  • dataglobal clients make it easy to quickly find, connect and share information from the digital workplace: Everytime and everywhere.

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Welcome to modern work – digital workplace for mobile data access

With dataglobal clients, finding, connecting and sharing information from the digital workplace is quick and easy. Our portal solution enables you to record and store documents at any time, even on the move. It does not matter which documents are involved. Your data can be used company-wide.