With the dataglobal CS, digitizing and integrating documents is straightforward.

dataglobal provides a fast and efficient solution for integrating and digitizing hard copy documents, such as by scanning. Digital business processes and workflows require the aggregation of all information. This includes documents that are available in paper form. Integrate the important information for your business processes from invoices, delivery notes, time sheets and accompanying letters quickly and reliably into your digital workplace. All information in a business context can be linked and used for digital business processes and workflows. An important step towards the digital enterprise.

Digitize documents and digitally archive records

With the dataglobal clients, you scan paper documents / digitize documents both automatically and in large quantities, as well as directly from the workstation. The control of the automatic mass recording is done by barcodes, which are applied to the paper documents. These are used for indexing, classification and assignment.

The workflow method is intuitive via an optimized user interface or directly from the workplace. In this automatic process, the tasks of the user are limited to the control of image quality and completeness. The dataglobal CS scanning solution quickly and reliably integrates, classifies, links and utilizes all important information.

Analog zu digital – Dokumente digitalisieren mit der Software dataglobal CS

The benefits at a glance

  • Capture large amounts of data automatically via barcode
  • Special interfaces for simple and fast scanning of bulk documents with barcodes with SAP interaction
  • The acquisition with your workstation scanner is fully integrated into the dataglobal clients
  • Automatic or individual assignment to the correct business context supports your process reliability and, as a result, transparency within your workflow
  • Shorter processing and throughput times 
  • Optimized, easy-to-use and fully integrated user interface
  • Knowledge edge: Information from documents can be easily and remotely searched and made available
  • Your company’s knowledge is secured in line with compliance requirements  

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Scan documents and digitize files

dataglobal document digitization effectively supports you in digitally mapping your business processes in workflows. For example, you can use the solution to easily optimize your receipt of invoices. Digitizing documents, archiving receipts digitally, or scanning documents becomes significantly more efficient. With the dataglobal interfaces, you can connect your valuable data from all relevant applications, all sources and all users. This creates direct access and fast exchange of data and information.