Archiving im SaaS-Modell

Archiving-as-a-Service - new sales potentials for service providers

We are the leading service provider for Unified Archiving platforms for service providers. Many service providers use our software products to develop high-performance offers in the SaaS model and / or in the cloud. On the basis of dg hyparchive, our established archiving platform, we offer a variety of SaaS editions to our software packages that have been especially designed for service providers. That way, you can offer your customers comprehensive archiving solutions for e-mails, file servers, documents or erp data with only one central platform. 


Archiving-as-a-Service optimally complements Infrastructure-as-a-Service

The mere outsourcing of infrastructure like storage or servers is oftentimes not the best economic solution for many of your potential customers due to the size of their companies.

Outsourcing of all applications often represents a much more attractive solution for your clients: They can not only purchase the infrastructure at much lower costs, but also large parts of the application management. That way, infrastructure expenses are reduced at the same time along with the expenses for the operating business, for the back-up and recovery of the application, for maintainance and last but not least for the necessary build-up of know-how. 

Archiving is an optimal complementation to existing SaaS offers. For example, in case a customer has already an active Hosted Exchange system it makes sense for him to also purchase e-mail archiving as a service. The same is true for ERP solutions as well as for CRM solutions.

In addition to that, archiving can also be offered as independent central infrastructure. The outsourcing of archiving results in various advantages for the customer in the areas of Desaster Recovery, Security and Risk Management.

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