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dg portal powered by Intrexx is the key to a modern, company-wide Information Management. dg portal powered by Intrexx allows the quick and easy implementation of individual web applications, portals, intranets and extranets. A variety of ready-to-use solutions and solution designs support you during the initial phase and help you to reduce time and costs. 


Modern Information Management is subject to diverse requirements: central access to all information, indexing of unstructured data, comprehensive processes and workflows, fulfillment of Compliance requirements. Existing infrastructures and application environments in many companies make it challenging to fulfill these requirements.

Chaos over Time

The obstacle that many companies have to overcome derives from the heterogeneity of the companies’ grown infrastructure. An end to this development is not in sight. In fact, the number of platforms and systems that are used to create and to manage documents and data is growing steadily.

Under these circumstances, the implementation of an enterprise-wide Information Management could only be realized at great expense if at all.

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The innovative dataglobal Information Governance approach offers a wide variety of new possibilities to address the above challenge. 

The Best of two Worlds - dg portal powered by Intrexx & dg hyparchive

With dg portal powered by Intrexx you are able to create the necessary connective link in your infrastructure. With dg portal powered by Intrexx, you can quickly and easily integrate a variety of existing applications as well as active data from those existing applications into modern web applications or portals. That way it is possible to develop process and workflows without having to consolidate the existing infrastructure.

Intuitive user surfaces and a huge variety of pre-fabricated solution templates guarantee a high usability for developers, administrators and users. In addition to that, you can create mobile clients for smartphones and tablets easily and efficiently. The graphic modelling of processes and workflows via drag & drop lead to short development periods and limited training efforts.

The integration of external data sources only takes a few minutes. dg portal powered by Intrexx has a variety of standard integrations for ERP, CRM, CRM and archive systems as well as Groupware and e-mail systems.

The company archive dg hyparchive can serve as a central repository for large volumes of unstructured, passive data such as for example e-mails, scans, documents, files and others. dg hyparchive does not only archive those data safely, but those data can also be interlinked and used in a portal or a web application.

In turn, process and workflows within dg portal powered by Intrexx can archive newly generated data or protocols of the workflows in order to guarantee long-term and audit-proof documentation of processes and descisions. 
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In addition to Content Integration and Compliance, the archive also offers optimal conditions for company-wide search and transparency through indexing and comprehensive tagging. Central rules manage the life cycles of information and access rights.

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