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Unified Archiving with dg hyparchive – Compliance. Security. Efficiency.dg hyparchiv

With dg hyparchive you can harmonize and centralize all your archiving systems on one single platform .This is how you can realize your Unified Archiving strategy in a future-way and create a reliable foundation for Compliance, e-Discovery and Information Security.


Archiving systems in companies are often heterogenous and are based on different products and technologies. In the meantime, more and more challenges are emerging, which cannot be realized on such inhomogeneous storage environments at reasonable costs. 

Thus, a modern Unified Archiving strategy is needed to cope with current and future challenges. 
  • Compliance
    Unified Archiving is the basis for all efficient Compliance approaches. Compliance initiatives can be realized easily if contents, retention periods, retention rules and powerful research possibilities are centrally managed. 
  • Security
    In combination with classification, Unified Information Archiving presents a new approach in central IT security concepts such as access rights control, Data Leakage Prevention and Desaster Recovery.
  • Mobile
    The Unified Archiving Backbone enables information to be made available for mobile devices in a secure manner. 
  • Cloud
    Unified Archiving is a key aspect of modern cloud concepts. Cloud infrastructures benefit from the replacement of various information archiving islands with one central solution.
  • Big Data
    Unified Archiving combines unstructured information in a repository. The result is an optimal foundation for the link with other Big Data sources such as Social Media as well as a joint analysis. 

These challenges cannot be mastered with fragmented archiving silos or they require disproportionate high expenses. Unified Archiving creates a central infratstructure for all archiving needs and thus replaces exisitng silos. That way, challenges can be transfomed into real chances for companies. 

Advantages at one glance

dg hyparchive is the platform for the harmonization and consolidation of your systems for the long-term archiving of information.With dg hyparchive you can replace cost-intense archiving silos with an efficient platform and manage all criteria with central concepts. 

IT Efficiency
  • Single Instancing reduces storage demand and storage costs 
    Only a central system can detect whether data has already been stored to prevent duplicates – across all storage systems.
  • Rendition Service and Access Management create long-term security 
    The Rendition Services creates copies in long-term formats such as PDF/A and TIFF. That way, users can also access securely to the contents, even is the application is no longer used. A central access management supports the handling of the user rights even if the archiving application is no longer active. 

  • Compliance is centrally managed
    The central, automated and revision-proof archiving solution is the basis for an efficient Compliance strategy. 
  • Retention Management manages the information lifecycle
    The archive monitors the retention periods of archived documents and support application systems that do not offer this function.
  • Storage Service creates investment security
    Storage technologies come and go. Due to the combination of universal migration functionalities, dg hyparchive enables long-term retetion functionalities at low costs. 
  • Efficient search functionalities create transparency
    Efficient search functionalities for attributes or text content across the entire archive while taking into account the corresponding access rights makes the search for information easier. All documents from all archiving applications are researchable, from e-mails and files to SAP documents. 

How it works

dg hyparchive replaces existing island archiving solutions with a central archiving infrastructure.

All information are managed in a central repository, which provides central and comprehensive services such as indexing, search, Single Instancing, Renditions, Retention Management and Legal Hold.

Unified Archiving leads to enormous synergies and cost advantages. dg hyparchive provides all services that are needed for the archiving process via comprehensive policies. 

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What is different

dg hyparchive is the only product that fully uses the principles of Unified Archiving.

  • All information are managed in a central repositor which provides central services such as indexing, search, Single Instancing, Renditions, Retention Management or Legal Hold in a comprehensive and uniform way.
  • Connectors for all relevant systems are availbabe that contain information that must be archived (e-mail, file system, SharePoint, DMS/ECM, ERP, CRM, production or manufacturing systems, Collaboration, Social Media ...)
  • The different types of contents can be combined, classified according to busines rules and analyzed within the archive. 
  • The archiving process is an automated and transparent process according to consistent rules which are based on the business value of the information across all types of content.
  • The archive does not depend on the life cycle of  the subject storage hardware and its connected archiving systems. 

dg hyparchive and its connectors is an overall and complete solution which offers a unique quality and variety of implementation. dg hparchive can be extended to a complete Unified Information Governance approach with the complementing modules dg analyze and dg classification.  

dg Unified Archiving Backbone

The following companies already use dg hyparchive successfully

Logo Ref GECapital GE Capital Bank – with dg hyparchive well-prepared for the future
Germany's leading factoring service provider GE Capital Bank looked for a quick and secure solution to integrate the hundreds of receipts that were coming in daily into the data flow. dg hyparchive does not only support the bank in saving precious time but at the same time represents the first steps into a comprehensive, revision-proof archiving.  

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Logo Ref NKB Nidwaldner Kantonalbank chooses dg hyparchive for customer service
The Nidwaldner Kantonalbank looked for a way to unit archiving and banking solutions. The aim was not only to archive documents ditgitally, but also to make them immediately available both for customers and employees. dg hyparchive turned out to be the optimal solution.    

Success Story for Download (DE)

Logo Ref Universal Universal Music Group chooses dg hyparchive as the perfect complement to SAP als perfekte Ergänzung zu SAP
The Universal Music Group chooses the connection with dg hyparchive to facilitate its business processes. Besides document archiving in the SAP context, dg hyparchive is also used for the archiving of licence contracts as well as of the entire project management, such as e.g. licence invoices.

Success Story for Download (DE)

Leading companies rely upon dg hyparchive

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