Tobias Exner, Managed Services Team dataglobal

Tobias Exner

Between the comfort zone and the panic zone – that’s where you find the growth zone …
… a narrow path. 😃

When I joined dataglobal in April 2011, I became a member of the Managed Services team. I started out as a Senior Consultant in charge of a long-term archive and became a first-time Project/Team Lead for a brand new IT project in 2014.

SSince this change, I have been working on creating and presenting technical concepts, transition concepts and operating models, as required, and implementing them in ongoing projects.

A flexible working environment, the support of my team members and the management team at dataglobal makes this development possible and should not be taken for granted.

In my personal life, I am primarily a dad and I make time for exercise, such as weight training and endurance sports. I also enjoy a good whiskey or gin from time to time.

I also like to leave my comfort zone by participating in muddy obstacle courses – I can highly recommend this!