Office 365 Archiving

Archiving Office 365 – Unified Archiving instead of new isolated solutions

Using Microsoft‘s archiving function only is not enough to archive Office 365 and Exchange Online the compliant and practical way. With hybrid concepts based on the Unified Archiving approach data cannot just only be legally archived. Hybrid concepts are also able to connect e-mails with other kinds of information and simplify the migration to Exchange Online. 

Office 365 can be an opportunity

Many companies are faced with the question how and if they can use Exchange Online and Office 365 and how they can include Exchange Online and Office 365 into their company-wide archiving strategy.

Office 365 offers an optional archiving feature for Exchange Online. The performance features of Microsoft’s Exchange Online Archiving feature have been analyzed and assessed thoroughly by many independent experts. They came to the result that the solution does not fulfill key aspects of a corporate e-mail archiving solution.

Those were the three decisive reasons for the experts’ opinion:
  • Streategic independence
    The archiving features of Office 365 do by far not fulfill the requirements of audit safety, Compliance, eDiscovery and Usability which are legally binding for companies.
  • Costs
    The total costs for the archiving features of Office 365 per year and per user including the license-related follow-up costs significantly exceed the costs of a dedicated mail archiving solution like for example dg mail.
  • Isolated Solutions
    The archive of Office 365 is an isolated solution which can only be used for Office 365 applications. It is not possible to connect e-mails with other archived data or to make those data accessible with other applications.

One of the challenges for modern IT departments is to make the advantages of Exchange Online and Office 365 useable for one’s own company without jeopardizing the benefits of a company-wide, integrated archiving strategy.

Exchange Online and Office 365 should also be integrated into an overall company-wide archiving concept.

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