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Our products usually stay with customers for a long-term and operate in business-critical applications. That's why we are not only committed to the best possible software quality, but also offer you the best possible support to ensure you maximise value. Our support team will help you with all questions concerning functionality, configuration and application of your dataglobal solution.

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To contact the dataglobal support team, please send an e-mail to support@dataglobal.com or call our support hotline at +49 40 35550-281.

We offer our support in three languages: 


To streamline the support process, we have developed the Support Assistant, a simple way to collect and provide all necessary information from our solutions and the underlying infrastructure, if required. This saves you time and allows us to get you back to enjoying our solutions quicker.

To download the dataglobal CS 
Support Assistant
please click here.

To download the documentation please click

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As a dataglobal customer, you can choose from several different support options that fit your needs and budget. From our Standard support package all the way up to the Gold Maintenance package for availability 24/7 and 365 days a year.
1st and 2nd level support services can also be provided by your preferred certified dataglobal partner upon request.

As a German manufacturer, we offer hotline and support directly from Germany and are guided entirely by you on which communication channel suits you best. Whether by telephone, e-mail or an on-site visit - we are always here for you. For urgent queries, our remote support team offers you immediate and cost-effective assistance.

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