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Current Case Study: F. X. MEILLER

F. X. MEILLER relies fully on dataglobal Content Services when it comes to digitization. With innovative solutions, dataglobal not only consolidates existing infrastructure,but also makes MEILLER fit for the digital demands of tomorrow with dataglobal CS.

Customer Profile

The MEILLER Group is a traditional family business based in Munich, known worldwide as a market leader in the development, production and sale of tippers and tipping trailers for the construction and waste management industries. MEILLER is also well known for the production and distribution of high-quality doors for passenger and freight elevators.

MEILLER‘s collaboration with all major vehicle manufacturers during the design and development process ensures the optimal combination of the chassis and body, all made possible by state-of-the-art data transfer technology which ensures minimal response times between the vehicle manufacturers and MEILLER.

The Tasks

  • Business process optimization and digitization of order processing
  • Infrastructure relief, as well as system andmaintenance cost reduction
  • Consolidation of existing standalone e-mail and SAP archiving solutions
  • Revision-proof archiving


The Solutions

  • Order digitization through a digital order file for order data management
  • Introduction of a centralized solution for all archiving needs with dataglobal Content Services
  • Optional display of SAP and non-SAP documents together as files in the dataglobal Digital Workplace
  • Compliant migration of archived legacy data
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Just the beginning:
storage infrastructure consolidation for existing archive solutions

In late 2015, the MEILLER Group’s IT department was faced with the question of how to efficiently expand storage space for the archiving systems used for e-mail and SAP applications. Analyzing the overall situation, it became clear that the consolidation of storage systems was obviously only a small part of a bigger issue.

At the same time, the technical departments were critical of the functional scope of the mail archiving and SAP archiving solutions used up to that point. Not only were features missing, but the solutions were expensive to run, and maintenance costs for two independent archiving systems needed to be addressed.

Based on this situation, it became apparent to the dataglobal consultants that MEILLER needed instead to focus on a consolidation project to introduce a company- wide, financially attractive and future-proof overall solution: an approach that offered a modern archiving solution while also meeting the increasing demands of digital transformation. Together with DELL, a longstanding dataglobal partner in the infrastructure sector, a tailored solution for MEILLER was designed and implemented.

„The company-wide archiving, originally planned from a purely compliance and infrastructure perspective, has over time become an essential foundation for the optimization and digitization of MEILLER’s business processes.“

Richard Lind, IT, F.X. MEILLER

Implementation of dataglobal CS as a centralized solution for content services, digital workplace and archiving

After analyzing the MEILLER Group’s requirements, dataglobal determined that the best company-wide approach was to replace costly archiving silos in favor of dataglobal Content Services as a centralized solution for all archiving needs.

The subsequent implementation of dataglobal E-Mail Management and dataglobal SAP-Archiving not only significantly reduced system and maintenance costs, but also provided MEILLER with a future-proof platform, as the solution can be scaled on demand and its flexibility allows expansion to include further applications for archiving.


Compliant migration of archived legacy data

An essential additional part of the project was the migration of e-mails already archived using CommVault and of SAP data archived using OpenText. It was critical that the existing compliance framework be fully accounted for in the migration, while ensuring that current operations did not suffer any interruptions.


Data classification and search options

MEILLER‘s expert panel was particularly impressed by the output of the content classification and the resulting options for processing the data, while the company-wide search using full-text – including e-mail attachments – was very well received by users. Valuable company data can be integrated, linked, and, with dataglobal CS, made available for workflows and digital processes.

Furthermore, the load on the Exchange Server was significantly lessened due to a reduction of the database size of approximately 40%. This reduction is obtained by replacing the original e-mail messages and attachments with link objects on the Exchange server during the archiving process. The decrease in the size of the database also results in an optimization of the data backup volume, which drastically reduces support and maintenance costs, another advantage of utilizing dataglobal CS.


Digital order file for order data management

But that‘s not all: to support order processing outside of pure SAP document archiving, an order file linked to SAP was needed. In the next step, MEILLER enabled a feature of dataglobal SAP-Archiving that allows departments to display archived documents in file folders according to their content – irrespective of whether they are SAP or non-SAP documents. This digital order file is automatically generated when an order is created in SAP and linked to the SAP document. Electronic documents from various input channels as well as paper receipts are combined in a very simple and intuitive way in a central location in the dataglobal CS.

Documents generated by SAP, such as billing documents, order confirmations, credits, etc., are automatically linked in dataglobal CS to the corresponding order file and the appropriate job, while relevant e-mail communication is automatically inserted into the corresponding order file. All authorized persons have easy and complete access to all relevant documents of a specific order from anywhere.

Users from different departments – such as the commercial department, inventory management, production, etc. – can store order-related information such as paper-based documents, e-mails, faxes, office files or drawings simply by drag-and-drop or via an office interface directly into the order file.


Central solution with a future

The digitalization of order data management at MEILLER leads to fast and secure order processing as well as to a simple and intuitive collaboration using the dataglobal Digital Workplace, which enables the most flexible, web-based, mobile or desktop access. All documents and order-related paper documents from the SAP system are automatically archived company-wide, and are legally secure.

This company-wide archiving project, originally planned from a purely compliance and infrastructure perspective has become an essential foundation for the optimization and digitization of MEILLER‘s business processes, with dataglobal CS at its core.

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