dg classification

More transparency through automated classificationdg classification

The data volume of companies are rapidly growing. However, the greatest challenge is not the growth in volumes, but in the abilty to classify the data according to their importance, confidentiality etc. The automated classification with dg classification supplies the key element to success.


Previous methods for data management reach their limits due to the rapid growth in volumes.Thus, the risks for IT security are significantly increasing.

Unstructured data such as files, e-mails or SharePoint objects represent enormous potentials for companies with regard to knowledge and value for the companies. At the same time, the lacking transparency  with regard to importance, confidentiality and relenvance does not only aggravated the efficient management, but also leads to significatn risks in terms of IT Security and Disaster Recovery.

Product dg classification DataThe huge amount of unstructured information in the companies are
  • sensitive information that needs to be protected in particular,
  • important information that needs to be archive,
  • passive information that is rarely used
  • redundant information that can be deleted.

Until today there has been no efficient possibility to classify the value of information across systems and formats and to make it useable in an automated way. dg classification begins at this point and offers you a variety of new possibilities.

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