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dataglobal wins the Platinum IT Award 2015 for archiving


Vogel IT Media's Insider portals (Storage-Insider, DataCenter-Insider and Security-Insider) called on their readers to vote for this year’s IT Awards by conducting a large-scale survey. The editorial staff nominated ten companies in 50 different categories for each specific topic of their portals. According to Vogel-IT, the editorial staff have chosen companies that have managed to "particularly distinguish themselves in a positive way in the recent past, whether through groundbreaking new technologies, excellent products or concepts, or through trend setting strategies." Furthermore, the readers could also suggest their own nominees for the different categories.

The winners were determined based on around 28,000 votes and received their awards last week at glamorous evening gala in Augsburg. According to Werner Nieberle, CEO of Vogel IT-Medien, "the IT Awards have instantly become the most important award in the German information technology sector".

dataglobal received the Platinum Award for "dg hyparchive", its software solution for enterprise-wide archiving. This represented the highest award in the "Archiving" category, making dataglobal was the overall winner of the category. dg hyparchive is an enterprise-wide IT solution for the archiving of all relevant information such as receipts, documents, emails, files, share objects and ERP data. The fully certified and audit-proof system allows for different sources to be linked within one central repository. 

dg hyparchive is not only suitable for replacing expensive isolated archiving applications, but can also transform the archive into a key factor within a company’s knowledge management and serve as a foundation for big data analyses within the ever-growing flood of unstructured data.

"dataglobal keeps impressing us with its innovative approaches. The use of the automated classification to manage enterprise-wide archiving is a good example of this," says Nieberle. "That's the reason why the editorial staff of Storage-Insider have nominated dataglobal for the IT Award. Our readers were obviously just as enthusiastic about this concept as you."

With its dg classification product, dataglobal is the leader in the automated classification of unstructured data such as documents, files or emails. Here, data is classified based on its content according to subject-based criteria. For example, the self-learning product is able to detect contracts or commercial documents in the file system or in SharePoint and can automatically transfer them to the archiving solution. The necessary metadata can be detected automatically in the archive, allowing the data can to be archived correctly.

With the so-called auto-tagging, metadata such as client numbers or project numbers can be detected automatically, which can be used for the archiving process. That way, project-based data from all kinds of different sources can be combined in the archive. The additional metadata can also be used in searches to achieve better results through filter methods. 

Our customers use the software to realize value-based information management concepts. The value of an information object is made clear using automated classification, especially the content-related classification. Thus, the classification can control the management of information properly. In this way, for example, important data can be archived and sensitive data can be kept out of the cloud.", says Wolfgang Munz, CEO of dataglobal. "We are very happy that the readers of the online magazine, Storage-Insider, have chosen us as having the best archiving product and see this as more motivation for the future."

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