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In recent years, ZS DocMa has grown into a permanent partner for project-related input/output solutions as well as individual DMS, work flow and archiving technologies.
On the basis of established products from well-known manufacturers, we develop solutions to recognize, process, adapt to your interfaces, prepare and store information.
Our portfolio is supplemented by our own developments and the possibility of long-term support through our call number-based technical support.

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Sales region: Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Luxembourg, England
Special industry focus: all industries
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ZS HypCon for JDE

The ZUGFeRD specification is a universal data format for electronic invoices that has been available free of charge to companies and authorities from version 1.0 as of 25th of June 2014.

The ZUGFeRD data format is based on the Cross Industry Invoice (CII) Standard (UN/CEFACT), the ISO Standard 19005-3:2012 (PDF/A-3), and the European level of Message User Guidelines (MUG).

From version 2.0 of ZUGFeRD, it is possible to process files in the "XRechnung" format.

The solution can create ZUGFeRD documents and extract data from received files, including transferring them to a Transform™ data container.

ZS hyparchive Connector for FormScape V3.x - The application includes a package of FormScape SDK objects that provides easy archiving and retrieval of documents for FormScape programmers.

ZS hyparchive Connector for Transform V7.x - The application includes a package of Transform SDK objects that provides easy archiving and retrieval of documents for Transform programmers

ZS Hyparchive Connection Manager - Tool for enabling and disabling Office AddIn and archive server definitions when using Windows mobile systems.

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Mettler Toledo GmbH
Steigerwald Pharmaceutical Works GmbH


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