Unified Information Governance

Treating files according to their values - Unified Information Governance.

Information Governance brings together threes aspects: Efficiency within the IT, growth of value within the business and risk minimization with regard to Compliance. Our solutions map these aspects with the classification as the central catalyzer in an integrated approach.  


Recent trends like Big Data, Cloud Computing, Mobile, Compliance or Security leads to a massive amount of new requirements for the IT

img klass archivierungThese trends always lead to the same question: How can files be treated according to their values for the company?

Important data must be archived in an inalterable way, sensitive information needs to be protected especially from unauthorized access and less importat data should be removed to cheaper storage systems or can even be deleted.

We have developed IT solutions since many years which help you to treat your data according to the value of your company. For example, if users know the value of a single file for their companies, they can decide much better whether the file needs to be protected, whether it needs to be archived or whether it can be removed to a cheaper storage system. 

In practice, this value-oriented approach for Information Management could have only been realized to a limited extent until today. The dialogue between the IT department and the business departments lacked the possibility to express and to manage the value of the file contents correctly . The storage location of the file was oftentimes the only indication to assess the value of file. However, this method is not sufficient as many other criteria are also relevant for the storage loction. 

This leads to the typical observation that all files are important to a business area and are more or less treated equally. Thus, many possibilities are no longer applicable for the IT depart to manage this data efficiently and appropriately. 

This lacking differentiation is the core reason for many known problems within the IT. The permanent storage deficit is also a result from a lacking differentitation as well as the insufficient security or the inadequate research possibilities.

Our value-based approach is fundamentally new and removes this central problem within Information Management. 

The value-based principle

img unified governanceOur goal is to treat the files automatically according to their value for the company.

We have developed the well-established Information Governance Reference Model of EDRM further and have improved it significantly.

Our apporach and our product philosophy are an integrated appraich with regard to Business, IT and Compliance. We hereby combine the three central drivers 
  • Growth of the company value 
  • Efficiency within the IT
  • Prevention and control of risks 
All actions for information such as Create, Archive, Delete, etc. can be mapped in combination with the drivers. Until today, the actions have been lacking a central managing element. The classificaiton creates this comprehensive managing elemtn. It combines business, IT and Compliance as well as the actions for information. We can treat data according to their value for the organisation.
dataglobal is the only service provide who does not only offer a conceptual approach, but also concrete products for all mentioned actions. This is also why dataglobal is capable of imposing comprehensive rules that are valid within the entire company. 

This is how transparency evolves within data and within processes.
This is what we call Unified Information Governance.

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