Unified Archiving

One central approach for all archiving needs. 

Unified Archiving is the future-proof strategy for all archiving needs and represents the foundation for Compliance, e-Discovery and Security.


Archiving solutions are often heterogeneous within companies, they resemble incoherent silos or are incomplete. These systems can often no longer keep up with the increasing requirements or only with tremendous efforts. 

These new requirements are often caused by three trends:
  • Compliance
    The IT departments need to implement more and more Compliance requirements. Files need to be managed within the entire organisation with regard to retention periods, formats and research methods.
  • Security
    The increasing cooperation within the organisation, new Cloud models and more and more mobile accesses created additional security problems for the IT departments. At the same time, the demand to access archived data in order to know how potentals or to conduct analyses is rising as well. 
  • Big Data
    Huge amounts of structured and unstructured data need to be analyzed, classified and assessed within the entire organisation. The unstructured information in archives bear a special potential for Big Data analyses. 

These challenges can no longer be solved with fragmented archiving silos or they create high expenses. Unified Archiving creates a central infrastructure for all archiving needs and thus replaces existing silos. These challenges can now become real chances  for the companies. 

Advantages at one glance

With Unified Archiving you can replace cost-intense archiving silos with an efficient platform and manage all features with central concepts. 
  • Compliance is managed centrallyThe central, automated and revision-proof archiving is the basis for an efficient Compliance strategy.
  • Retention Management manages the information life cycle 
    The archive monitors the retention periods of archived documents and thus supports application systems that do not offer this kind of feautures.
  • Powerful search creates transparency
    Information can be found much easier through powerful search functionalities for attributes or text contents across the entire archive while taking into account access rights. From e-mails to files and SAP documents, all documents from all archiving applications are available for research.
  • Single Instancing reduces storage demand and storage costs 
    Only a central system can detect whether files have already been archived to avoid duplicates - across all storage systems.
  • Storage Service creates investment security 
    Storage technologies come and go. In combiantion with these technologies, only dataglobal enables long-term lost-cost archiving solutions through comprehensive migration functionalities.
  • Rendition Service and Access Management create long-term security
    The Rendition Services creates copies in long-term formats such as PDF/A and TIFF to make sure sure that users can securely access to contents altough the application that created the file is no longer used. A central rights management supports the differentiation of user rights, even if the archiving application is not longer used.

Solution principle

The five principles of Unified Archiving

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Cost effectiveness

Unified Archiving follows the established approach of centralization and harmonization of platforms which creates a variety of savings potentials. 
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  • Unified Archiving allows the displacement of island solutions for archiving which reduces the costs for maintenance and systems. 
  • Unified Archiving realizes Single Instancing within the entire company, not only for certain types of applications or types of storages. This approach reduces the overall storage capacity as wells as storage costs. 
  • Unified Archiving means independene from the used storage technologes and extends its useful life. This approach optimzies hardware costs. 
  • Unified Archiving simplifies the migration betwenn applications and storage platforms which reduces project costs.
  • Unified Archiving reduces the necessary know-how pool for the operating business of archiving solutions. This approach reduces long-term training costs. .
  • In additon to that, Unified Archiving significantly reduces costs in the different business departments, in the IT department as well as in other business units.

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